A day in Coney Island

We've lived in New York for two and a half years now and we've never been to Coney Island. I always wanted to go but never had the occasion - ok, I know, do I really needed one? :p With my sister visiting now, it was definitely a good time since she's as childish as I am sometimes! I don't know what I was expecting, but with all of the pictures that I saw and what I've heard, I thought it was going to be much much bigger. But it was fun and beautiful, and I really felt like I was on vacation for the day. 

^ We just got there and this little ogre was already starving ^

As soon as we arrived, my husband was like a 5 years old again! He wanted to go on every single ride and wanted to play every game - yep, that crazy man! But it's one of the side's of his personality that I like the most. He always makes me laugh and it's always a lot of fun doing things with him...

^ At least it was useful - I got my Minion :) ^

The Minion acted as a great bottle holder! Because of him, Mason was able to drink on his own for the first time :)

We passed by a carrousel, and of course we had to get on! It's also one of the only rides that Mason is allowed on right now. But the experience this time was not that great, since as soon as the carrousel operator saw how I was sitting with Mason, she stopped it and yelled at me because it was not the way I was supposed to ride with him! If I can say so, I'm his mom, and I know how to hold him and make sure he's secure. But it was still nice...

It's such a pleasure to have a baby you can bring with you everywhere and is always in a great mood! He brings us so much joy no matter where we go...

^ Lunch break on the beach... Mason couldn't really enjoy the view though :) ^

Walking along the beach made us feel so good... The last time we did this was a pretty long time ago, probably over a year! As we were walking, we realized that we will soon be able to do it much more often. We just can't wait!

^ I could kiss him all over his chubby body again and again ^

Lately, it's always a first time for something. And this time, it was Mason's very first time on the beach. He's still too young to go in the water though. I just can't wait to build castles and do crazy things in the sand with him... it's going to be so much fun!

^ My sunglasses fit him perfectly ^

^ It was such a hot day, we had to take off Mason's cloths. Gosh that kid likes to be naked :p ^

^ I love playing with him when he's in his stroller. He always laughs so much when he sees my face ^

^ Even with his nose totally scratched, he's still so cute ^

By the end of it, we really enjoyed the day! It's true that there was not too much to do, but the weather, the beach, and the view made it very nice. I probably would not go back again but I'm glad I went there at least once. I'm even more happy to have waited for Mason to be born to go - it made it even better...