A family day in Central Park

What a better place than Central Park to take a little stroll as a family... We live in the Upper West Side, so it's very convinient for us to get there. I could go every single day and never get tired of it! I've always been amazed by the peace and quite you can feel even though it's in the middle of one of the busiest and craziest cities in the world! It's the perfect place to walk around without any planned direction or destination. I always find small little routes that bring me to a place I've never been before...

One of my favorite parts of the park, that is very close to our home, is the lake in front of the Boat House. The circle with the fountain where there's such an amazing view of all of the boats... Such a peaceful place... 

 ^ I heard once that those in love look in the same direction ^

 ^ They probably laugh together too :) ^

^ One of my favorite things is how Mason laughs and smiles when he's with his Dad! ^

I also love the arch next to the fountain that you can find under the bridge. The light over there is breathtaking and you can usually find someone playing some classical music or singing opera. Those things combined makes it very special, and just makes me feel so good!