After we met

After we met at the airport, Anthony had to leave to catch his connecting flight back home to the Bay Area. I then waited for my friends to pick me up at the airport. While waiting I called my mom, first to tell her that I landed safely, and second that I had met a guy on the plane. The funny part is that she kind of predicted it before I left! When I decided to go to Miami it was because I needed a bit of an escape from my chaotic love life at that time.  Before I left, my mom told me, "who knows, maybe you'll meet someone on the plane." The same exact thing actually happened to her when she was young. Travelling to NY, she met a man on the plane who she spent years with after. So I told her my story too, just for fun, having no idea of what would happen next!

Very soon after that my friends arrived and we were off to their home. I remember that one of the first things I did after we got there was ask them for their WiFi password so that I could connect to Facebook. 
I couldn't wait, and I went right away to look for Anthony's profile. Of course I went through all the pictures and info that I could see at that time. One thing that I noticed right away is that his birthday is one day after mine - his on February 11, and mine on February 10. What are the odds? I then invited him as a friend and decided not to do anything else and let him take the next step...

I cannot tell you how impatient I was while waiting for him to accept my request! If I remember it well, he accepted the day after and wrote me a quick email. I replied right away with some help from my best friend at the time - Google translate - best buddy ever!

I don't know what I would have done without it! We exchanged emails like that for a couple days. Then, under the guise of language practice, Anthony suggested that we start talking on the phone to work on our English and French. I proposed to use Skype since I was using it a lot with my friends and family. He accepted the invitation immediately and we set up a Skype meeting for the next day - the very first of many Skype calls to come...

Even with a 3 hour time difference, and his work schedule and my time at school and with friends, we succeeded to make it work. I think we set up the call around 10pm for me and 7pm for him. The most amazing thing is that I don't recall it being awkward at all. I was quite confortable and the conversation was pretty natural - even though we were total strangers, not from the same culture and speaking a different language. We spoke about so many things. I was capable of understanding most of what he was saying but was incapable of making sentences to reply on my own, but with the help of Google Translate,  it somehow worked out pretty well.

At one point in the conversation, I was getting tired, and I remember looking at the clock and being surprised that it was already 4:00am! We were speaking for over 6 hours and it felt like it was 30 min... we were both so comfortable with one another! I was gonna get up at 6am to go to school so I needed to sleep at least an hour. I told him that we could Skype again next week if he wanted and he told me that he had nothing to do tomorrow, so we could talk again then. Of course we did, and again for about 6 hours straight. The same thing happened every single night for about 10 days and we loved it!

One night out of nowhere, Anthony asked me if I would like him to visit me in Miami. At that point I didn't hesitated and said yes right away - thinking in the back of my mind that he would never do it. The next morning I was at school and he texted me saying that he got his plane ticket and that he would arrive the day after! Wow, finally a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it!

One thing I probably didn't do right was that I never spoke about Anthony to the friends I was staying with. And now I had to tell them the incredible story of meeting a guy on the plane, speaking with him on Skype every night, and arranging for him to come see me the next day! Those things don't happen every single day and I had no idea how they would react to it. I remember it like it was yesterday - during the afternoon we were in their swimming pool and out of nowhere I told them the whole story. As the nice people they are, they were very supportive but told me to be careful!

At that time, I realised that it was real and that I would actually see him in person again soon. Knowing the attraction we had for each other, and the way in which we met, it seemed kind of surreal and maybe a little weird...

I was very excited and so freakin' scared at the same time...



  1. Can't wait for the next post :) Even though I already know this story, it melts my heart everytime and I find it fantastic that you share it with the world! Hold on Sweetie, your blog is dope! Xoxo