Going to an airport mostly always signifies new and exciting moments to come. I’ve always loved traveling. But from the day I met my husband, I’ll always see airports in a total different way now. To me, it signifies so much more than just visiting a new destination! Being so far away from my family in France now, it also signifies long-awaited reunions to come!

I’m very excited today because tomorrow I’ll have to go to JFK Airport, not to travel - I would have loved to - but for an even more exciting occasion. My little sister is coming to visit! It will be her second time since I’ve moved to New York, but what is really more important is that it will be the first time seeing her nephew. I just can’t wait to see her, hold her in my arms and share many beautiful moments together! I haven’t seen her for about 9 months now so you can imagine how impatient I am. Like kids, we’ve been counting down the nights lately, and today I’m so happy to see that in only one more day, we’ll finally be reunited!