Beco Baby Carrier

Today I decided to do a review on a product that I use a lot - the Beco Baby Carrier in black.

I bought the BabyBjörn Original, at first, and used it for a little while. It was great when Mason was a newborn but now that he's 17 pounds it's impossible to carry him around in it. It's bad for him, and extremly painful for my back. So I realize now that it was a very bad choice!!! You always learn from your mistakes...  So now I hope my new baby carrier will last for more than four months!

So far I used the Beco carrier enough to review the good, and not so good,  things about it!

First of all I would say that, generally, I'm very happy with it!!! Compared to the BabyBjörn, it's like day and night for my back! The support on it is amazing - most of it is on the hip so I can walk for hours with him without feeling any discomfort. This is a big, big plus for me since I love being able to still carry Mason.

One thing that I really like about it, and one of the main reasons I chose to buy it, is that you have four different ways to carry your baby - in the front facing you or facing forward, on the hip or as a backpack! So far, I only used it in front of me. Mason is still to young for the last two options.

As you can see, the side strap is a little dirty right now. That's because when I carry Mason facing me, he likes to chew on it. There's nothing I can do to prevent it... I'll just have to wash the carrier once in a while.

One thing that's not that great, at least for now (I read that it's because my baby is still too small), is that when I carry him facing forward the materiel in front of him is right in front of his mouth instead of under is chin! You can imagine how much he loves it since he's teething like crazy and can chew on it the entire time... so tasty!!! Of course, being the amazing mom that I am :) I found a solution and added a small comfort blanket so he won't mess up the carrier with his cute little drool.

Even though the hip belt is pretty thick I can still sit with it and be very comfortable. This is a great thing because sometimes I have to wear it at home to put Mason to sleep! Once the job is done I don't have to wait around standing up - I can sit and let him take his little nap close to me...

My husband loves it too, and feels very comfortable carrying Mason in it! When we were looking for a new carrier we found that the Ergobaby was top rated and that a lot of people were recomanding it. It might sound silly but we were looking for something very comfortable but also fashionable! We wanted something black and totally plain, without any brand logo etc... The ergo baby was black and beige while the Beco was exactly designed like we wanted! So Beco won...

The security on it is also very good. There's a small lock on the buckles that makes it extremely safe. I love the security of knowing that they won't open by accident. But it's also not that great at the same time, (at least until you get used to it) because it's much more difficult to take off on your own. Now I'm totally used to it so I don't have any problem putting it on or taking it off on my own, but at first I was scared it was gonna be a problem!

In the end, we are very happy about our choice. It's a very good product and I'm sure we will use it a lot... It was a little bit expensive, at $140, but way worth it from my point of view!!!