Two important dates

In everyone's life, some dates are so important. For me, two of the most important are September 16, 2011, and September 16, 2012. Those two days changed my life and changed me forever...

On the first one, I took a flight from Paris to Miami and couldn't have ever imagined that it would bring to me the most amazing man ever and change the course of my life in a totally different direction. I'll have to do a full post about that day, and about how we met! It's one for me to tell my son so that he can one day know the incredible story of how I met his father :p

And on the second one - one of the most beautiful days that I ever lived - our wedding in NYC. The amazing day we spent with friends and family, celebrating our crazy love! I could say a lot about it but why not let the pictures speak for themselves... Enjoy!