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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday's outfit

Since it's one of our last weekends here in NYC, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent most of the time outside. On Sunday, we went for a stroll before meeting up with some friends for brunch.

My outfit
Top : Banana Republic
Legging : Asos 
Shoes : Chanel
Purse : Chanel
Accessory Rings : H&M

Mason's outfit
Sweatshirt : Nununu
Pants : Nununu 
Shoes : Freshly Picked

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What we're wearing

I love fashion and shopping. For me it's always important to feel and look good. So today I have decided to start posting about what Mason and I are wearing. Baby and kids fashion is so much fun!

It's getting a little chilly in New York, and you can definitely tell that fall is coming. I had to take some mid-season outfits out of their boxes.

My outfit
Sweatshirt : H&M
Button shirt : John Varvatos
Jean : AG
Shoes : Isabel Marant
Purse : Chanel
Earrings : Chanel

Mason's outfit
Sweatshirt : Zara
Pants : Zara
Moccasins : Freshly Picked
Bunny : Jellycat

Stroller : Orbit baby
Swaddle blanket : Aden & Anais for Honest

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When we finally got to see each other again

The day had arrived - it was a Thursday, and Anthony was going to be there by the end of the day. The friends I was staying with, Julie and Micha, were going out that night and asked me to babysit Stanislas, their 5-year-old son. But it worked out pretty well since they didn't come back late. So Anthony was able to come pick me up after to go for diner, for our first official date! It was totally surreal but very real at the same time. I was going to see him again after we first met very briefly at the airport. That was very exciting but very scary too... We were both adults and very attracted to one another, so we knew what all this was going to lead to, but we had no idea exactly how! So I made myself as pretty as I could - very important on a first date :p

Anthony was there at around 10:00 pm. I remember just before going to the door, Julie asked me if I knew if I was coming back that night or not. I told her that I had no idea, but that just in case I had packed my Chanel purse just enough to survive - I had new underwear, a bikini, and my tooth brush! I thought it was better to be well prepared, since you never know what can happen...

I walked out of the house, and I saw a car that arrived at the same time. My heart started beating so fast. I'm someone who gets flush-red in the face very fast when I'm in an uncomfortable situation. So I was scared that would happen and that Anthony would notice. I remember Anthony coming out of the car and hugging me. That was so weird since we never hug like that in France, buy it was very charming. The most charming thing, that guys in France don't do it either, is that he walked on the passenger side of the car to open the door for me! How gentleman-like is that! It made me feel so special...

Then being in the car we decided to go to Miami Beach to have diner. We drove until Anthony's hotel to park the car and walked from there to Lincoln Avenue. We didn't plan much in advance, so we didn't spend much time deciding on where to go. We chose the first nice restaurant terrace outside. I remember we had a table with a couch so we were seatted very close to each other. That was a little awkward. I was staying really close to one edge making sure nothing was going to happen too fast. I needed a little bit of time. Speaking and flirting on Skype is very different than being face to face with that person. I needed to get more and more comfortable with him at first. I don't remember exactly what we spoke about, probably still getting to know each other. But I remember that I had a mojito. Alcohol makes me dizzy very very fast, so I didn't drink too much. Like he told me later on, I'm a very cheap date - lol - We also had some nice seafood. We probably spent 2 hours there and then decided to go to a nice bar/club in the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Music and alcohol always help make people more comfortable... First of all the music was very loud so we had to be much closer to speak with each other... And let me tell you how much that helped! We were getting closer and closer to each other, and Anthony began stroking my arm softly and pulling me closer. He put his hands on my waist and I remember him being surprised of how thin it was. Apparently he loved it and commented on it. He then looked at me and told me that he really wanted to kiss me. I didn't even have time to say anything, before he actually leaned in and starting kissing me. It was a very soft and sensual kiss, and I loved it! I definitely had this butterfly feeling in my stomach - always a good sign... Maybe I was waiting for it all along. The whole night was very nice and everything was confirming the attraction we had for each other. It was as if a small wall seperating us had broken and we could finally be more intimate. It was very sundenly much more natural...

^ That pic was taken just a few minutes after our first kiss ^

It didn't take long for both of us to get tired of the nightclubing ambiance. Since I was not asking to go back to my friends' house, Anthony brought me to his hotel. The funny part was that when we got there, he told me that the hotel he booked was newly built, and was gonna open the day after. So for the first night they gave him a kind of dark, ugly small room nearby. It was more like a freeway motel, but it didn't really matter since we just wanted to be together. We sat on the bed for a little while, cuddling and kissing, like teenagers. As we were laying together and before we went to sleep, one thing that I remember as if it was yesterday is that he wrapped his hands around me and strated scratching my back. When I was young, I loved to have my back scratched - my dad used to scratch my back every single night, and I was addicted to it. I always told him that the man that I would marry will have to do it to me. How amazing was it that Anthony knew exactly how to get me from the beginning. It was so funny that I told him this little story, and we both found that it was maybe a sign :)

Before going to bed I went to brush my teeth and he was really surprised that I had my toothbrush with me. Apparently he was not used to girls coming prepared for every situation! I spent the night with him and it felt so good...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Countdown to LA

Being pregnant makes you think a lot about your future and what you want in life. For us, it made us realise that New York was not the city to raise our baby! We love this city a lot, and we have a lot of great memories here. But while I was pregnant, we decided that it would soon be time to move on and go toward another horizon... The question was where to go?!

France was not an option, and I never pictured myslef anywhere else than New York. We started researching places to live and we made a list of things we'd like to have and a list of places we thought we'd be happier. We finally narrowed it down and ultimately decided on Los Angeles.

So after Anthony put in a request at work to be transfered, we thought it would take some time to be approved and that it wouldn't be easy. Surpisingly they accepted the request right away and even let us choose the move date. We then decided to spend one last summer in the Big Apple, to enjoy the city of course, but also to enjoy Mason who was about to arrive. We chose to spend six more months in NY,  settling into our new life with a baby before we moved.

And this week I'm starting to realise that it's coming faster than I thought... We are at a little bit less than 3 weeks from leaving our life in New York! I have a mix of emotions - I'm super excited and curious to go somewhere I've never been before, but I'm also nostalgic while leaving behind the place where all of our life together has started and where Mason was born! But it's for the better, so I'm happy!

I'm also super excited because before the move to LA, we are going to spend 3 weeks in France. My Dad is going to meet my baby for the first time! I just can't wait... We have so many things planned, but at the same time not quite planned either. I'm definitively going to share a few of those moments on my blog when we'll be there!

Right now though, it's the worst part of it - we have to start packing our lives into boxes... With a 5-month-old around who's teething and requiring a lot of attention, it might not be the easiest. But we know it'll work out no matter what, and we're looking forward to the adventure ahead!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

5 months old

This week Mason turned 5 months old! So like every month I took pictures of him to compare and see how he had grown... 

Right now I feel like he's changing a little bit every day. He's not a newborn anymore, that's for sure! He is so aware, discovering stuff almost everyday. Making so many cute sounds, faces, and reactions. Speaking of faces, just look at the top one!

I think this month his biggest discovery was his feet. Now that he knows how to reach them, he's constantly playing with them. 

This little dude started eating solid food lately. He's making so many weird faces as he discovers the many different tastes. It's so funny to watch. In the back of my mind it's heartbreaking too - it's a big sign that he's growing up... If I say that already, what am I gonna say next - lol - 

 ^ He cannot make up his mind - he likes to suck either his thumb or both of his fingers at once ^

His neck is now so strong that tummy time is a piece of cake for him. He loves it, and when he's not in my arms, I have to try to stimulate him because lying down on his back is not for him anymore!

Mason is just getting into the seated position now. He still has to work on it of course, but something tells me that he's probably going to take this big step in the weeks ahead! My baby is trying to be independant way too fast, from my point of you!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lunch at Google

My husband has the luck of working for an amazing company - maybe one of the best in the world! So sometimes we just go visit and have lunch with him! The office is just surreal to me, and it always seems like being in a movie. I love to go over there and it's so much fun to bring Mason. It's just amazing that I'm allowed to go with my baby whenever I want... it is such a family friendly place! We all had lunch there a few days ago and I took some pictures...

They have amazing food - so many different cafeterias to choose from, with great products!

 ^ Mason got his lunch too ^

What an amazing thing for my husband to have us there for a little bit in the midle of a work day... He enjoys it so much and each time it makes his day!

What takes the cake over there is definitely the view. On top of having great food at an amazing place, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of New York City and the Empire State Building! We only have three more weeks to enjoy it, and then we're off to another Google office for lunch! :p ...