5 months old

This week Mason turned 5 months old! So like every month I took pictures of him to compare and see how he had grown... 

Right now I feel like he's changing a little bit every day. He's not a newborn anymore, that's for sure! He is so aware, discovering stuff almost everyday. Making so many cute sounds, faces, and reactions. Speaking of faces, just look at the top one!

I think this month his biggest discovery was his feet. Now that he knows how to reach them, he's constantly playing with them. 

This little dude started eating solid food lately. He's making so many weird faces as he discovers the many different tastes. It's so funny to watch. In the back of my mind it's heartbreaking too - it's a big sign that he's growing up... If I say that already, what am I gonna say next - lol - 

 ^ He cannot make up his mind - he likes to suck either his thumb or both of his fingers at once ^

His neck is now so strong that tummy time is a piece of cake for him. He loves it, and when he's not in my arms, I have to try to stimulate him because lying down on his back is not for him anymore!

Mason is just getting into the seated position now. He still has to work on it of course, but something tells me that he's probably going to take this big step in the weeks ahead! My baby is trying to be independant way too fast, from my point of you!