Countdown to LA

Being pregnant makes you think a lot about your future and what you want in life. For us, it made us realise that New York was not the city to raise our baby! We love this city a lot, and we have a lot of great memories here. But while I was pregnant, we decided that it would soon be time to move on and go toward another horizon... The question was where to go?!

France was not an option, and I never pictured myslef anywhere else than New York. We started researching places to live and we made a list of things we'd like to have and a list of places we thought we'd be happier. We finally narrowed it down and ultimately decided on Los Angeles.

So after Anthony put in a request at work to be transfered, we thought it would take some time to be approved and that it wouldn't be easy. Surpisingly they accepted the request right away and even let us choose the move date. We then decided to spend one last summer in the Big Apple, to enjoy the city of course, but also to enjoy Mason who was about to arrive. We chose to spend six more months in NY,  settling into our new life with a baby before we moved.

And this week I'm starting to realise that it's coming faster than I thought... We are at a little bit less than 3 weeks from leaving our life in New York! I have a mix of emotions - I'm super excited and curious to go somewhere I've never been before, but I'm also nostalgic while leaving behind the place where all of our life together has started and where Mason was born! But it's for the better, so I'm happy!

I'm also super excited because before the move to LA, we are going to spend 3 weeks in France. My Dad is going to meet my baby for the first time! I just can't wait... We have so many things planned, but at the same time not quite planned either. I'm definitively going to share a few of those moments on my blog when we'll be there!

Right now though, it's the worst part of it - we have to start packing our lives into boxes... With a 5-month-old around who's teething and requiring a lot of attention, it might not be the easiest. But we know it'll work out no matter what, and we're looking forward to the adventure ahead!