Lunch at Google

My husband has the luck of working for an amazing company - maybe one of the best in the world! So sometimes we just go visit and have lunch with him! The office is just surreal to me, and it always seems like being in a movie. I love to go over there and it's so much fun to bring Mason. It's just amazing that I'm allowed to go with my baby whenever I want... it is such a family friendly place! We all had lunch there a few days ago and I took some pictures...

They have amazing food - so many different cafeterias to choose from, with great products!

 ^ Mason got his lunch too ^

What an amazing thing for my husband to have us there for a little bit in the midle of a work day... He enjoys it so much and each time it makes his day!

What takes the cake over there is definitely the view. On top of having great food at an amazing place, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of New York City and the Empire State Building! We only have three more weeks to enjoy it, and then we're off to another Google office for lunch! :p ...