First time on the plane

We were leaving New York and leaving behind so many memories. But once at JFK airport, all we could do is look forward to an amazing new adventure!

This was gonna be a big one for Mason - it would be his very first plane ride! I was pretty scared to travel with a baby and two dogs, but we were very lucky.

One of the funniest things was the attraction you get when people saw all of us together. Especially at the security checkpoint. It was obvious that we had a baby with us but it wasn't that easy to see we had two dogs also. When it was our turn to pass through security I told the TSA agent that we had a baby and two dogs and the expression on his face was priceless. I thought they would be annoyed about it but once they saw our dogs who are pretty small, cute and very well behaved they were so nice to us.

^ Our first time traveling with a baby. We finally discovered what it means to not travel light! ^

^ Ready to take off, he had the best seat on the plane - my lap :p ^

Even though Mason didn't sleep much, he was really happy and didn't complain at all.