Paris - Les colonnes de buren

During our busy weekend in Paris, I wanted to visit some famous spots to bring Anthony and Mason for the first time. I lived in Paris for about 10 years, but sometimes when you live there you don't really take advantage of it. You have to be far away to want to visit again. Now that I'm married to an American, I have more motivation to visit some touristy places. And I forgot how beautiful some are!

To get there, first we had to take the metro. Even though Mason is used to the New York City subway, it was his first time in the Parisian one. But it had the same vibrations, so he loved it. He's getting so aware of everything - he was looking around so much and I think he found it to be pretty fun!

We got off at the station Opera and went for a nice walk. The weather was beautiful- perfect for a touristy day!

I obviously had to play with him a little. That smile is driving me crazy. He's such a happy baby and so good wherever we go. This is his first time in Paris, and I will always remember it!

This time we decided to go to an artistic place, in the Palais Royal, where you can find in the court les colonnes de Buren! I think the last time I went there I was probably a kid. It was definitely time to go back. Even though most of it was under renovation, we were able to enjoy it and take some nice shots!

 ^ I had to do some yoga ^

^ Mixed in with some ballet dance :p ^ 

Like mother; like son, we could say! A lot of people say that he's starting to look more like his dad but I think he still looks more like me! For sure he's going to be as funny as we both are :)