7 months old

One more month has passed... and that makes him 7 months old now!

And what a month! He's probably advanced the most this month since he's been born. I'm amazed how he's grown in such a small period of time. He now sits on his own and is completely stable without any problem. He rolls himself over upside down and even crawls backward so I'm pretty sure he'll be crawling all around soon. He's also using a high chair and loves it since he loves eating real food now!

He's still so funny! Makes so many faces and sounds... He loves to scream, I think he likes to test how high his voice can go!

It's getting difficult for me to take pictures of him. He's so hyper. His body and especially arms are constantely moving.

^ He's such an angel though ^

And he definitely knows what all these electronics are. I'm not going to be able to use them for too much longer! At least for now, he's not sure how to use them. He thinks that he can eat it (like every single thing that happens to be in his hands)!!!