Jellycat Bunnies

Before being pregnant, I never really had any reason to buy stuffed animals. So I didn't know until about a year ago that these amazing little bunnies existed! The first one I came across was when I was about 2 months pregnant, in a small clothing boutique in the Upper West Side. I totally fell in love with the design of it but as soon as I grabbed one and felt the softness I just had to buy one! The problem for me was deciding which size and which color to buy?! I finally picked one but couldn't forget all of the other ones I left behind...

So from there, each time I passed by a store that had them, I would buy a new one. That's how I started my Jellycat bunny collection, or Mason's one!

I bought a few for some of my friends who had babies. I think they make such a nice gift! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

^ Mason loves them! I just hope as he grows older he won't get sick of bunnies! ^

I really think they are the softest stuffed animals I ever found! They have many other animals, and a huge range of different ones... But as you can tell, the bunny one put a spell on me!