Visit of the Chateau d'Amboise

Being in the French coutryside we wanted to find some nice places to visit. Not too far from my parents home, we found a beautiful castle (or what's left of it) and went to visit it.

I loved the view of the city from the castle garden. It looks almost like a maket. So beautiful with the fall colors. French architecture is just so amazing and warm. I love it!

We went there on a Monday and as you can see it was a great idea... We were totally ALONE!!!

My little bug was not feeling great that day. He was teathing like hell and biting is lower lip all the time. At the end of the day though, he got his second tooth!

The park over there was so much fun. They had a huge landscape made only out of those round cut bushes.

^ Mason's hugs are probably one of the best things in my entire world ^

^ My husband is probably another one :) ^

 ^ Those two... ^

In the church behind us is where you can find Leonardo da Vinci's thombstone. They have a huge park nearby where you can learn and see so many things about him. Unfortunetely we didn't have time to go since you need at least half a day to visit it. But next time we go to France we will probably go back. It looked very interesting...

^ The light entering the church was indescribable ^

And just because I love these pictures... We went grocery shopping at the end of the day and Mason's face is just so cute I couldn't resist on posting a couple of them. Especially the one where he tries to eat the cart. A teathing baby would probably try everything to calm himself down!