Buying our Christmas tree

December is here! We can finally go and buy our Christmas tree. Big thing this year, it's Mason first Christmas and our first one as a family so we have to do it right... After celebrating it for a few years in New York, I was wondering where we could find a tree over here. So used to find some everywhere around us, but it was pretty surprising how fast and easy we found tree shop that came out of nowhere. Just a few minutes from our home, we passed by and decided to stop since it was very close, and here we were on our Christmas tree hunting!

I show Mason a few different one, thinking maybe he would like to chose, silly me, he's to young. But still, it makes me feel good to involve him in the making! At least he was really happy and amazed about all of those big trees around, so cute to see him react...

With some pieces of cut wood, they bild reindeers who looked really really cute and we played with them a little. They were perfectly made at Mason's height so for him it was perfect!

^ He got so excited, I love seeing him so happy! ^

Lately when he sees something strange or new he stare at it and says "Ooooh woooh"! It's so funny, because he can do it so many times a day. With all of those trees around, he for sure did it a lot :) 

^ He's such a cute baby I just want to kiss him all the time ^

The look on his face, I love it! Someone was speaking to me about how cute Mason's was dressed and he look like what the hell are you saying to me... Bad kid!

The good thing about having a car now is that we don't have to carry the tree! Yeay, so easy... Now that we have the tree, we got to set it up in our beautiful new home!