Mason's favorite teething toys

Mason is like every baby, going through a lot of pain as he's teething! So it's my job to try to sooth him as much as I can by finding some good toys he can chew on, safely while enjoy playing with them at the same time. Here are some of his favorites lately...

I never give him only one toy to play with. I like for him to have the choice of whatever he wants or likes at that time... It's mostly always different, even though I can tell some have more success than others!

One great toy to chew on is his Zeta Zebra made out of soft silicone. He loves it! The squeaking sound that comes out of it was surprising to him at first but once he got used to it, he couldn't stop playing with it! I love this one because I can put it in the freezer and Mason loves the feeling of it since he's not sensitive to the cold. It definitely helps with his pain. The design of it is also very cute. I have Sophie the girafe, who's probably his biggest competitor. But I like new things, so Zeta Zebra was the perfect addition to Mason's bundle of teething toys!

This colorful teething ring is a big hit lately - very easy to grab on and play around with. The bright colors attract him so much! It's also made out of soft silicone which Mason loves because it's just perfect for his little gums.

This Zebra is so flexible, and sometimes I feel bad for it... Mason is not the most gentle baby in the world, and with the squeaky sounds it makes, he loves to bend it in every single way...

This one by Moulin Roty is a bit more challenging for him since it's more difficult to grab. It's a cute balloon made out of PVC, and for some reason it's one of his favorite toys to bite on! It's soft and smooth, and so far it resists his two bottom teeth pretty well... I love seeing him play with this one because it usually never stays in his hand very long. He grabs it so strong that at one point it just slips away from him. So funny!

Can you tell from the expression on his face how much he enjoys it?!... I think he can feel his teeth going through the PVC - so good!

This wooden bell stick is also one he grabs all the time since it's very easy for him to hold. It also makes a great sound as he moves it around, but most of all I think he loves the feeling of the wood on his gums. I have to be careful with this one since I'm always scared he'll put too much of it in his mouth. But so far so good - it makes him very happy!

And the last one here is absolutely not supposed to be used for teething. But unfortunately in our home, Mason uses it all the time! This cute night light is made out of silicone rubber. I think both the material and the shape of it, with the pointy ears, can entertain him for quite some time! This one is a double hit since I can just turn it on at night so he can play with it, and teeth on it, even in the dark...

Zeta Zebra: c/o New Little Wonders
Teething ring: c/o New Little Wonders
Balloon: Moulin Roty
Night light: Ikea