Mason's first Christmas tree

Once we were home we couldn't wait to make the tree! Probably the most difficult part was to make enough room for it in our home. I think we did pretty good, and I'm really happy about the way it turned out.

Mason helped in his very own way, by chewing the Nutcracker ornaments. They were pretty strong and resisted for about 10 minutes, but after that, one of them lost his head! Luckily we were able to repair it and still put it up on the tree :).

We used all the ornemant we bought since we are together so we have a few simbolising our first christmas as a couple. Now that we have Mason I have to find some that will simbolise his very first Christmas! I think we have planty of room on the tree for them...

^ The bell ornaments are probably his favorite so far. He loves touching them and hearing the sound ^

We played with that one for a little bit. It was so cute! I kept putting it in his hands and then taking it away... It made him laugh so much, and in such a cute way, that I couldn't bear it!

I have so many great childhood memories of Christmas, and I really hope Mason will have some too...