Mason's first visit Santa Claus

Christmas is a beautiful holiday that really becomes magical once you have a baby... Mason is still too young to understand what's going on but I just had to bring him to see Santa Claus! First year = first time doing pretty much everything...

Being new in the area, we didn't know exactly which place was the best to go to, so we tried The Grove. The decoration was stunning!

^ That face... ^ 

Now that he knows what ice cream tastes like, he already knows how to recognize it and reach for the big one...

He was so into it. Lately, he's discovering everything around him and starting to know what he wants...

^ Yeah, I touched it! ^

He had no idea what he was getting into, but still he got so excited!

We started as a family portrait so he wouldn't get freaked out...

Then I left him on his own and surprisingly he was totally fine! So many babies cry the first few years, but Mason was ok! Looking at Santa, wondering who the hell he was...

 The connection was there between the two of them - I think he might get some presents under the tree this year :p

And then we went to see the enormous Christmas tree! Beautiful and very colorful...

Even though for me it's weird to celebrate Christmas when it's warm and not snowing, the decoration and the atmosphere was definitely making me forget those details and I really felt the Christmas spirit...

My outfit
Sweater: Sandro
Jean: Zara
Boots: Ash
Purse: Chloe
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Button shirt: Zara
Pants: Zara