Mommy & me fashion - black and beige outfits

In today's post about our outfits, there's one of my all time favorite pieces in Mason's closet. His sweater! For such a long time, I had an idea of the kind I wanted him to wear, but I couldn't find it. I'm lucky enough to have a mother who knows how to nit so she made one exactly the way I wanted! He looks so cute in it :) What I love the most about it, is the very long pointy hood - it makes him look like an elf...

I have quite a few coats in my closet, but I haven't had the chance to take them out yet! (Not that I complain about it - don't get me wrong - I love the LA weather). Now I can use them a little since the temperature has droped. But still not enough to have to wear many layers under, so it feels perfect!

We're still discovering the area, and this time we went to a park in Santa Monica - it was very nice. We passed by a huge playground. In one way, I'm impatient to be able to go with Mason but in another way, not that much. I'm enjoying as much as I can to have him as a baby still and for him to depend on me for everything. Something's telling me that it won't last very long...

I love this kind of beige shade. Perfect for warming up during the fall/winter season. It also goes perfectly with the LA light during sunset :) I usually match it with black to keep it simple and classy...

That hood... 

Watching the fountain was so much fun. He was very attracted to it since he loves the water. I'm sure if he could have, he would have gone right in!

My outfit:
Coat: Claudie Pierlot
Pants: Maje
Boots: Ash
Earrings: Chanel
Purse: Chanel

Mason's outfit:
Sweater: Homemade
Sweatshirt: Zarakids
Pants: Zarakids

Stroller: Orbitbaby