Mommy & me fashion - Plaid outfit at the park

I know that babies love being on the swing. But I was curious to know if MY baby would love it! So the best way to find out was to take him to the baby playground...
I probably don't need many words to describe the below pictures -  the expression on Mason's face speaks for itself...

As a mom, there is nothing more important to me than making my baby happy. Each and every single moment when I make him laugh or smile, is so rewarding to me! I'll remember this very first time on the swing forever. He loved it sooo much - I couldn't stop pushing him! The best things in life are probably the most simple ones...

^ He's cracking up ^

I love blogging about what me and my baby do, but I also love blogging about our outfits! Fashion is one of my passions and I'm trying my best to always look good :) Figuring out how to put pieces together can be either very easy or quite difficult sometimes. Today we were dressed up in plaid outfits! And as always my baby was matching me!

^ Trying to crawl around ^

Blogging about fashion can be quite difficult, but I'm trying my best to show some different ways to mix and match outfits - both my own and my baby's.

My outfit
Cape: Zara
Pants: Assos
Boots: Ash
Purse: Chloe

Mason's outfit
Sweater: Homemade 
Button shirt: Zarakids
Pants: Zaramini
Moccasins: Monkey and Mole