9 months old

9 months! I can't believe he has spent as much time in this world as he had in my belly. It's gone by so fast. Before my baby was born, everyone told me how fast it would go but I couldn't imagine it would be like that. I miss my newborn but at the same time I feel like every day is getting better! The bond I have with my baby is so special, thanks to the last 9 months we've spent together...

He's getting so tall. Who knew that I would have a baby like that? I'm pretty short and my husband is not super tall eather so we were not expecting to have such a big baby! Sometimes I wish he could be smaller and lighter so I could carry him more. Even though he probably wouldn't let me since he has discovered how to crawl lately. I've been around noticing his first movements as a crawler. Seeing the hapiness on his face as he was finally able to move on his own was priceless. It took him a couple of days to find the confidence to really go wherever he wanted. Now he has no barrier and he can go mostly everywhere in our home!

That was definitely the biggest achievement this month. The other one is probably his two upper teeth cutting through. They didn't make it totally for his 9 month though since they're still halfway cut! Even with that amount of pain, he's a super good and happy baby!

^ He's always smiling. I'm so lucky ^ 

This month he also got to celebrate his first Christmas! It was so much fun and even at only 9 months old he enjoyed his gifts very much. Each time we opened one he was making a surprised face and wanted to play with whatever he got. We had so much fun. I can't wait for next year. (ok, maybe I can wait. I don't want him to be 20 months :s )