Mason's first time in the snow

Living in LA, there aren't many chances to see snow. Luckily we can find some not that far away with a drive out to the mountains. Even though we're not missing the snow and the freezing cold of New York, we did want to see how Mason would react to it for the first time. We went for a few days to Lake Arrowhead and visited Big Bear Mountain. It was not easy to find a snow play area where we could go with a baby because a lot of places don't allow it - free world! :)

Once we did though, we went for a nice walk in the snow. Mason was surprised at first but I think he liked it! His reaction was way better in the snow than it was in the sand. Too bad for us since we live very close to the beach. Let's hope it won't last...

I used to go to the mountains every single year growing up. I know how to ski and I would love for my baby to learn one day. That's why I was so excited bringing him to see some snow. I'll have to wait at least a couple years but I'm sure he'll be good at it and will enjoy it.

I know he's my baby so I'm not the most objective, but gosh he's too beautiful! I'm so madly in love with him. I never knew I would love like that one day...

I sat him on the snow and expected him to cry because of the cold, but it didn't happen. He had the opposit reaction! He was actually pretty happy in it. Touching the snow around him and realizing that this white thing around was pretty cold and melting in his hands! So cute...

If we don't go again this year, then next year I'll definitely bring him again to make him do some sledding! That could be very fun and I'm pretty sure he would love it!

On our way back we found a small forest and thought it would be nice to go for a walk with no one around. They was not as much snow there, but it was still pretty cool to walk around in the wilderness. I love the peace and quiet you can find in those types of places. I'm a city girl but I grew up in the countryside and I always enjoy the feeling of being back to those roots once in a while...

Guess what he wanted to do after I showed him some snow? Eat it of course! No matter what I show him, or what he finds, he always has to put it in his mouth. I really have to be careful lately! The snow in the forest seamed pretty clean so I let him try it a tiny bit. I think if I let him, he could have had a lot of it! He probably loved it because it numbed the pain from his teething :)

My outfit
Coat: Topshop
Jean: AG
Boots: Ash
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Coat: Zara baby
Pants: American Apparel
Boots: Hunter