Mommy & me fashion - Kenzo tiger outfit

We ended the year by taking a stroll on the Santa Monica Pier. We are still discovering everything around here in LA, and it was out first time there. I can't believe we've moved since over two months ago. It goes by so fast!

It was a pretty smoggy day. The atmoshpere was a little weird but at the same time really nice. We couldn't see that much around us as the fog was really low...

I love sweatshirts because they're so comfortable, but they're usually not that fashionable so I rarely wear them. When Kenzo created a line last year I couldn't resist them. They look so good and gosh they're comfy. The best thing was that I found almost the exact same one for my baby to match me! His little tiger sweatshirt is just too cute...

My baby is like a lot of babies. He's a little fat! Healthy fat! :p  But his feet are probably the fatest so he doesn't fit in many pairs of shoes that I bought for him. I'm really upset because I love baby shoes so much! The only one he can wear are his cute moccasins.

I'm teaching my baby to say "Hi" and "Bye" and now he's kind of doing it all the time and never when I ask him to do it! Pretty funny how he knows to do the oposite of what I'm asking for already...

I'm also teaching him how to do "high five" and he nailed that one right away!

My obsession with coton candy has been filled since I found a place not that far from our home where I can find some. I just LOVE it! :)

Ok, I know it's bad. But how can you resist when you eat something like that and enjoy it so much while your baby looks at you so curiously and intently. I had to make him try just a little. Surprisingly he didn't even like it! But for how long?!

The last time I took Mason on a carroussel was in New York and he was four months old. At that time he was too young to realise what was going on. So now was the best time to take him again and see if he'd like it or not. I told myself that he couldn't be MY baby if he doesn't like it. I'm also obessed with it. That's the kid inside of me who's speaking!

And guess what? He loved it! I was so happy and proud at the same time. He enjoyed it so much! He's kind of a monster lately and makes very weird sounds and at that special moment he started to scream out so excitedly. It was so funny! Everyone around us started to laugh and thought he was too cute.

 ^ He's almost ready to ride on his own ^

My outfit
Sweatshirt: Kenzo
Jean: AG
Shoes: Chanel
Purse: Chanel
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Sweatshirt: Zara baby
Pants: Zara baby
Moccasins: Monkey and Mole