Our first two weeks together

After spending my first night with Anthony, I can say I was totally on a cloud. I remember it was a Friday and I was supposed to go to school in the morning but I just couldn't leave. Being with him was feeling way too good to leave, even if it was only for a few hours! And at that point I didn't need the classes anymore - he kind of became my full-time teacher. Of course he wasn't pushing me to go either, so instead we decided to grab some breakfast and then go to the beach. The weirdest thing I remember the most is the feeling we had. It felt like we had been together for a very long time already... Nothing never felt strange between us - we were just very comfortable together and it felt right from the very beginning.

After spending the morning at the beach, Anthony took me to Lincoln Road to grab some lunch and do some shopping. It was a lovely afternoon and everything kind of felt surreal at the time. I was in Miami, dating a cool American guy who on our very first day together was making me feel like a princess. How could I resist that? I was totally over the moon and I just wanted to stay with that feeling forever...

At the end of the day he took me to an amazing restaurant, Prime One Twelve. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I remember how Anthony looked like and how awesome I thought he was. I remember the food was just SO good, the atmosphere was so romantic... I was one lucky girl!

It was the weekend so I had plenty of free time to spend with Anthony. He never told me how long he was staying for and I assumed it was only for the weekend. After all he had a job so I thought he would have to go back to work very soon! I don't remember when exactly he told me, but at one point we had the conversation when he told me he booked his hotel for 2 weeks. I thought wow that guy is kind of crazy, two weeks is kind of long if things between us didn't happen to work out. But I guess he was confident enough to realize that the chances of that happening were pretty low. So we spent the whole weekend in our bubble and I was so into it I totally forgot about Micha and Julie who I was staying with and supposed to come back to at one point. I didn't even think about calling or texting them once, so they were pretty anxious but also upset that I was not giving any news. I think I was selfish and didn't think they would need news. One night Micha texted me and asked me how everything was going. I left their place on Thursday night, and two days later they still hadn't heard from me. It could be weird - I totally get it. Our conversation was pretty hectic because at that time I didn't really realize that was not cool what I did. I told them a little bit about what was going on but Micha was still a little suspicious and wanted me to be careful because after all, even though Anthony was amazing to me, I didn't really know him well. So Micha told me to be careful because we never know. He even asked me some info because he wanted to do a background check to make sure that nothing was wrong with him. I gave him the info he needed, but I don't think he ever used it. He chose to meet him instead and let me follow my intuitions. I was on Skype with him every night for two weeks speaking for hours a day. And now I've been with him in person for a few days - if something was wrong I would have felt it! So we decided to have a double date the following night and try to spend some quality time all together so they could see how nice Anthony was. We went to a nice restaurant and everything went smoothly. We had a very good time and they definitely realized that he was very nice and nothing was wrong with him. After having that conversation with Micha, I was a little bit upset, but now that I had their approval I could go back in my bubble and enjoy the time we had to spend together.

After that I picked up some of my stuff so I could stay with Anthony at his hotel for the next 10 days. I was going to school every morning and usually we were doing stuff and visiting the area during the afternoons - always going to nice restaurants at night. I remember one night Anthony joked that it was our honeymoon. It kind of felt like it. It was the best way to get to know each other. We were both on vacation, we had no stress and everything was amazing. How not to fall in love under those circumstances! One night - we were probably on the 5th day - we were having diner in a Spanish restaurant on Lincoln. My English was already improving a lot and we were speaking about the remaining time we had together. It's at that time that Anthony told me that he didn't want to leave me behind. He told me I could learn English anywhere in the US so why not follow him to San Francisco and spend the remaining time I had with him there. Even though it sounded like a perfect plan I had to be realistic. I already paid for my school for the 3 months and I had no money left. I couldn't keep up with his lifestyle and knew that even though I was dying to, I just couldn't do it. I had to be honest and tell him the truth even though he probably knew that the only issue I had was that. He didn't care at all. He said he wanted me to be with him no matter what and he would take care of me and all of the expenses I would have! Prince charming? Even better I'd say! Finally I had found a guy who was good looking, nice, and on top of that (sorry for my English) he had balls! He knew what he wanted and was going for it. It was so sexy and charming - I loved it! I couldn't say no of course and from then on we started to plan what was gonna happen next. He booked a flight for me and made some research to find me a good school in SF! From then we just had to enjoy Miami as much as we could, knowing that in a few days we will both leave. We did a lot of things but we were still learning about each other. One day he took me on a boat to go snorkeling, but the weather was very stormy and we couldn't see any fish. The funniest thing is that I'm not a huge fan of the water and he's not either. He thought I would like it even though he doesn't, and it turned out that I was actually more like him. What a funny way to learn that, he should have asked me and we would have saved a pretty bad day. But now when we speak about it we laugh all the time! One of our favorite days was when we went to the Everglades. We had a lot of fun!

Our two weeks was coming to an end. We spent one of our last days going to the Keys with Julie and Micha and their son Stanislas. That's the first time I saw Anthony with a kid and I remember how good he was. Stan loved him and it was so nice to watch. At the end of the day I picked up all of my stuff and was ready to leave. I will always remember what Julie told me. She told me to enjoy and that if it happens that things don't work out, I could always take a ticket and come back to them. That was a real friend speaking - so nice of her to act like that with me! I'll be forever grateful to all of the things they've done for me. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today! We said goodbye to them and knew we would keep in touch. The following morning Anthony took me to a spa so I'd be fully relaxed before our flight :) We had an amazing time. It was definitely the perfect way to end our stay in Miami. Later that day we were at the airport waiting to board, doing some funny videos of ourselves on my Macbook Pro, and laughing like kids! We were acting so silly at that time because we were just so happy together...