10 months old

Mason is now 10 months, and the biggest change is that I can't make him lie down to take his monthly pictures anymore. I tried, very hard! But nope, there's nothing I can do... So I guess from now on I'll have to work it out in a different way.

He's such an active and playful baby. I feel like I need to give him a new toy every five minutes or he'll get bored like hell. It's getting pretty challenging and tiring, but to see his evolution and his personality more and more everyday makes it worth it!

His two upper teeth are now in. I hope the teething pain will be better for a little bit now, but I think it's probably not going to last unfortunately. He has many more to come! The good thing is that now he can eat more solid food. It's very good for him since he loves it so much. He only wants to eat what I eat! If he sees me eating something, I cannot get away with it - he has to try it. Ninety-nine percent of the time, he loves the food I give him. I hope I'll be able to make him a lot of nice meals. I think it's so much fun being able to cook for him and having him liking it! Very rewarding to me :)

^ he loves his whale. Soon he'll have it following him everywhere ^

No one told me he would be standing right away after learning how to crawl. I thought it would take time but nope - it came right away after. Now he's cruising around while holding himself onto some furniture. It's pretty cute but I cannot take out of my mind that he'll be walking very soon. I'm seeing my baby becoming more and more independent and it scares me... I don't want him to run away from me! I guess it's a normal mom feeling though...

His new hobby lately is to unload his shelves. He doesn't even play with toys in between; he just wants to empty it. It's very funny to watch because the shape of the shelves makes it a little difficult to do, so I guess the challenge is what attracts him. He's starting to be really good at it! I'll have to teach him to put everything back one day... not quite ready for it yet though!