Mason's first time in the pool

The weather is getting very very nice in LA these days, so we finally decided to take Mason to the pool for the first time. I cannot believe we are in Feburary and it's already so warm! The water was still pretty chilly but totally barable under the sun.

I put him in the water slowly and graduatly, not knowing how he would react. Every baby is different in the water. But he was very calm and happy about it.

First I sat him where there is only a little bit of water and the funniest thing is that he started claping at himself - like he knew he was doing something new and was very proud of himself! I was very proud of him too :)

It was super bright and sunny so I tried to make him wear his sunglasses, but they never last very long on his face. He preferes much more to chew on them! Too bad because I really want him to protect his eyes but also because he looks so funny wearing them!

^ Such a little scoundrel ^

After a little while chilling under the sun it was time to go in the water. Mason thought it was super fun! He started to splash the water and play around.

He loved being on his belly and trying to make some bubbles. He's used to doing it when he takes his bath but this time it was more difficult because there was much more water. He tried quite a few times but found it more challenging. I'm gonna start some baby swimming lessons next month so I'm sure he'll get very comfortable in the water soon...

I loved taking him in the pool. He's teething again a lot and the water calms him down. He kept sucking his thumb while I was making him float. I think he loved it and was very comfortable...

I taught him how to kick in the water with his feet and he started to do it so much lying down on me. At one point I was barely holding him and he was fine. I'm always amazed at the amount of trust a baby can have with his parents...

My outfit 
Swimsuit: Victoria's secret
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Swim diaper: Honest company
Sunglasses: Babiators