My favorite baby books

I love blogging because I can blog about anything. Today's post is about the books I love reading the most to my baby. First of all I think that reading to children is a very important thing - to develop their imagination but also to bond with them in a different way. I have so much fun when I read to my little one... and I think he does too and that's the most important to me!

The book I'm reading here is from Oliver Jeffers. He wrote quite a few, but I think this one is definitely my favorite of all! The title is "Stuck" but I have the French version so you probably can tell that it's written "Coincé" on it. I really try to speak only French to Mason so he can understand it and speak it later...

The book is about a little boy who's flying a kite that gets stuck in a tree. Then he tries to bring it down by throwing a bunch of things you wouldn't believe up into the tree! It's so funny, well written, and nicely drawn... I could read it again and again!

It's so interesting to see how Mason gets into the story I read to him. He looks at me and I wonder what he's thinking. I think he's starting to really like when I'm reading him books. I can't wait for him to choose whatever he likes the most and ask me to read for him!

I think one of the things I love the most about Oliver Jeffers' books is the sense of humor. It's so important to teach humor to kids! His books totally resonate with me. I'm like a kid reading them. I also like that the character in it is a little boy, so Mason can also relate to it.

^ Mason loves to laugh so much ^

He's starting to really stick around while I read and participate in turning the pages. He loves the drawings and usually touches them. Sometimes I don't read - I just watch what he likes and tell him what he can see. Books are so good in so many ways!

Other books I have and love very much from Oliver Jeffers are just below if you want to take a look at them or even buy them for your little one... I swear you're gonna have so much fun reading them!

And if you know any good books that you could share with me please leave a comment. I'm always happy to discover new ones :)