11 months old

It's breaking my heart to know my baby is already 11 months old. Don't get me wrong, I love him and I love the little funny human being he's becoming. But I can't get it around my head that next month he'll be a year old and become a toddler! Where did the last 11 months go? It feels to me so much shorter! Well I should stop feeling like that and just embrace it and enjoy every second with my amazing 11 months baby!

Despite that, I think he's at the best stage. I feel like he understands everything now and starts to show so much more of his personnality. He's my baby so of course I love every single bit of him!

This month he got his very first cold. It wasn't fun to see him like that but I think we were lucky to have the last almost 11 months without any difficulties besides teething pain! He wasn't even cranky while sick and I was so surprised. Best baby ever! Now he's much better but he has two new teeth cutting through and so much pain. I really hope they'll be out very soon so he can enjoy life a little easier...

Ahah I know it's bad but I love that pic! I had to share it with you :). For once I can show another side of my silly monkey. He's starting to be a little bit capricious lately and sometimes when I say "no" to him he'll get upset! Not for long though, and it feels like he forgets about it right away.

^ I love how he's looking at me while he grabs the tablet - knowing he's not supposed to :) ^

I thought he would be walking by his first birthday but now I think he won't. He loves cruising around the house holding on to furniture but if I try to hold his hands and make him walk he totally refuses. I also bought him a pushing cart and he couldn't care less about it! I guess I'll have to wait a little longer and I'm totally fine with it.

Big thing for his first birthday - I think I'll have to make him gets his first haircut. His hair is too much in his eyes and not so comfortable for him...