Best baby bottles

Today I decided to review the baby bottles we use. There are so many of them on the market, and I found it pretty difficult to know which one would be best to buy. I didn't try every single one that you can find on the market, but here are my thoughts about the ones we have. And I'm pretty happy about my choices...

My favorite ones are the MAM bottles, for a few different reasons. First of all because my baby loved them since the very beginning. I think he likes the texture and shape of the nipple. I also love them because they are very easy to clean. You can open the top AND bottom of them - which is pretty smart!  And just as much as anything else, the design is important and I think these are the cutest you can find on the market!

They also exist in a glass version which I love. They're practically unbreakable. A little bit heavier but by now my baby doesn't really care. He's using them all the time! The drawings on it are so beautiful. We have them in different colors too.

The JOOVY bottle is my second favorite. It's the one I used at first while I was breastfeeding. I chose that one at first because the nipple is supposed to be very similar to a breast nipple for the baby. My baby loved it, and I was able to pump and use that one for a break in breastfeeding once in a while. It work really well for us!

The ORGANICKIDZ one is great too but not my favorite. I love that you can transform it into a sippy cup or water bottle. You can also add handles to it so it's easy for your baby to grab onto. It's stainless steel so it's supposed to be healthier for your baby. It's not transparent, though, so you can't see how much liquid you put in it (even though you have a graduation cup to help you). The good side of this one is that it's 100% recyclable. I also liked the design of it, but it fades easily. If you want to keep it the way it is you'll have to wash it very carefully!

The last one and newest one we have is the HONEST COMPANY bottle. Even with all the ones we have, I had to give it a try. I love most of their products but their bottle is not the best one! It works well but the bottle is soft so it's very easy to squeeze and makes the liquid come out too fast. I already use a nipple with a fast flow for my baby, so when he holds it on his own he squeezes it and it goes way too fast! So maybe he needs a little bit more practice to get used to it... Otherwise I like it - I think it's a cute one and it comes in 3 different colors.