Orbit baby review

Today I've decided to review the stroller we've had for almost a year now. I think I've got enough practice with it to give it the most honest review! When I was pregnant I had no idea which stroller to choose. There were so many on the market!

I hesitated a long time between the Stokke Xplory and the Orbit Baby and after some research we decided to buy the Orbit Baby G3. I didn't have a chance to try any other one for the same amount of time, so I don't now if the Orbit Baby is the best one. But I do really love it! It suits our needs perfectly...

I'm now using the stroller seat but I used the infant car seat for the first 6 months of my baby's life. You're supposed to be able to use it up to a year, but even though Mason could have used it longer he didn't like the shape of it. It was too compfy and he couldn't see much around. He really needed to be in a real seated position. Once we switched to the stroller seat he was really happy!

I love the fact you can add or remove the snack tray on it!

It works pretty well. It's a little bit too high for my baby to reach for now but I'm sure pretty soon he'll be tall enough and it'll work just fine.

The sun shade on the Orbit Baby stroller seat is amazing. It's pretty big but it works very well! For me it was so important since it's almost always sunny in LA :) It comes in many different colors so you can create your own stroller. You can also choose your stroller frame from 2 colors, and for the seat you have 3 options. I'm using the black frame with the Mocha seat and cargo basket.

One of the big advantage of this stroller is that it rotates 360 degres on the base.  All of their seats are made with that base so you can use all of them on it. It's so conveniant. I used the infant car seat, the stroller seat and I also use the toddler car seat. I love it when I go to restaurants or to parks because I can put my baby facing on the side to feed him without using a lot of room! It's also very easy to put him in a lying down position.

You have three height level for the handles. I'm pretty short, so you can see I have it at the lowest level in the pictures. But you can adjust it so everyone in the family can use it!

Overall I really LOVE our stroller. I'd choose it again if I had to. It's very fonctionnal and I love how it looks too - and that's always important to me :p