My mom and Mason

When my mom visited us from France, she wanted to do 2 things: Spend all of her time with Mason and go to the beach... Being in LA was making it pretty easy :p !!! She hadn't seen us for about 5 months so it was so good to be reunited for a little bit.

We spent a couple days at the beach during her stay and here are some pics of one of those days... I loved seeing her enjoy it and have some great moments with her grandson! They see each other on Facetime all the time and it was funny to see how much connection they already had even though they don't see each other in person that often. Technology makes the distance way easier...

Mason's enjoying the beach so much lately... I think he loved having double the attention!

He's crazy about the seagulls... At the beach he kept chasing them - until one seagull came after him! :)

I loved watching them do things on their own. Watching my mom bonding at the beach with my baby was such a precious moment!