A day at the Aquarium of the Pacific

I'm sharing some pics of our fun adventure at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long beach. We thought it was time for Mason to have his first experience of the sea world, and he definitely enjoyed it! Overall it was nice - I just wish they had more of the mammals which are more attractive for babies than all the small tiny fish!

^ For some reason Mason got scared of the sharks! ^

I couldn't have survived it there without my Beco baby carrier! I had to hold Mason almost the entire time and I love having all of the different options to carry him. Lately, I enjoy carrying him on the side! It's very comfortable for both of us and it lets him be so cuddly while being able to look around... Just the perfect combination for the both of us!

We got to feed some birds and Mason kept waving "Hi" to them. It was so cute!

One of his favorites was probably the jellyfish. We even got to touch some of them which was kind of cool... and a little bit scary!

I mean... seriously that fish was as big as us! Definitely my favorite part was that big tank full of huge fish and sharks...

A quick sighting of penguins - which Mason liked a lot!

And then we ended the day with a small tour and reading books at the souvenir boutique... And not to forget a humongous hug! It was a lot of fun, but oh so tiring with so much stimulation! Guess who took a huge nap on the way back home? :)