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Monday, July 27, 2015

Malibu dream...

I'm so excited to share our pics from yesterday. We decided to drive to Malibu, not really knowing where exactly to go, but just to stop where it seems nice. Tough call since it's so beautiful everywhere!!! The goal was to find a nice spot that's not too crowded. But on a Sunday it's almost mission impossible :)

After having lunch at Duke's where Mason got to try crab legs for the first time - and totally loved it - we drove a little bit more and ended up on the Malibu Lagoon state beach.

To get to the beach we had to walk a little bit first. Mason loved having the freedom to do so without having me on his back being scared he'd run into a car. It was very safe there so I let him be free as a bird! He loved stopping and waving "Hi" to almost every single person who crossed our path...

He even stopped to speak with the vegetation... I wonder sometimes what's on his mind... :p

He kind of played with his shadow for the first time. Maybe not as much as I'd like, but it was still cute to watch!

He was able to partake in his favorite hobby - to run after birds... This time I kind of had to stop him because that kid isn't really scared of anything and those birds weren't really scared of him either. So I didn't want him to get into trouble...

In between all of that he asked to hug me a few times! I couldn't resist him... :)

I think I loved every single step since Mason is in our lives but lately I'm really loving it even more - if that's possible! He's so easy going, happy, funny and most of all he's trying to communicate with us badly! I'm realizing how lucky we are to have such an amazing little being at home all day, every day, with us. I'm learning so much from him...

Not matter where we go and for how long, he never complains about it! He's teaching me so much how to be patient and to see stuff differently.

He loves to play in the sand. It's pretty funny because he used to hate it or maybe he was scared of it for a while. But once he passed that phase he fell in love with it and can play for hours on his own in it...

I love making him fly and turn around. The funniest part is when I put him on the floor after. When he tries to walk he gets so dizzy and he always looses his balance. It's so funny and he's so addicted to it!

Mason never ever wants to hold my hand while he walks. I guess that's because at the end of it he's already so independent. Everything that he does he wants to do it on his own and his own way... So when he reaches out to me it totally melts my heart and I have no other choice than to follow...

After all that fun - after we played, dance, spun around and chased some birds - it was time to go back. Mason was even too tired to walk back, which is pretty rare. He reached his arms toward me asked me to carry him. I love it and hope it will still last a little bit longer. My baby is growing and isn't even a baby anymore. I'm loving every bit of him and hope that he'll still need me!

It was such a beautiful place. We left all tired and happy about all the things we got to do on that beautiful Sunday in Malibu.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beach baby

A big reason for our move to LA was for us to be able to enjoy all for the outdoor activities this amazing city offers. One of the biggest is the beach. We get to go more often now that the weather is warmer and not as windy. It's quite a bit of a challenge because my husband and I don't like the sand. How funny! We thought Mason was gonna be the same because he really hated it at first and was crying every time we brought him. I think he definitely got over it. Now he can eat handfuls of it! I'm trying to get passed my hate of it so I can enjoy my time and play with him...

He loves the water so much. It's amazing, but it can also be dangerous, so I really have to watch him and stay very close. I wouldn't want a wave to catch him and take him out to sea...

Mason is also very friendly. It's difficult to keep him from going to go say 'Hi' to people that happen to be around us. It's funny to watch and it's nice to see that most people are pretty receptive to it and always nice to him.

It's not always easy to put sunscreen on a baby since he's contently on the move. But it's so important to protect him from the sun. I use the spray sunscreen from The Honest Company and I love it so much because it literally takes me one minute to spray my baby's full body. Ok his face might be a little white after it but at least I know he's well protected!!!

His favorite hobby as usual is to chase the pigeons on the beach. This kid has a weird obsession with animals! He's just obsessed with them...

My outfit
Bathingsuit: Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Rashguard: Carter's
Diaper: The Honest Company
Sunscreen: The Honest Company

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mommy & me - White and blue outfit

Today I'm posting about one of my favorite matching outfits with Mason. I love it and every time we wear it, we get compliments. So I figured it was time to share it with all of you :)

Mason is walking now so it's difficult to keep him in my arms for a long period of time. Part of me is happy because he's super heavy, and part of me doesn't want to let go...

I'm trying to teach him to hold my hand while he walks outside but it's a big fail! He only wants to be on his own - probably already in search of so much independence - it breaks my heart!

Right now Mason points at everything. He still doesn't speak at all besides saying DADA constantly! So his only way to show us what he wants, or where he wants to go, is to point.

My outfit
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Chanel

Mason's outfit
T-shirt: Mini Rodini
Short: Zara baby
Shoes: H&M 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Mommy & me outfit

Happy 4th of July to all of you!!! We are celebrating it by wearing the American colors ;) I still cannot believe I have a little American boy. I've never imagined that one day I'd live abroad and have a baby with someone who's not French! I'm so blessed and today I'm celebrating the country that accepted me as being part of it.

My outfit
Dress: BCBG Maxazria
Shoes: Chanel 
Handbag: Chanel

Mason's outfit
Top: Baby Gap
Pants: Zara kids
Shoes: H&M