Beach baby

A big reason for our move to LA was for us to be able to enjoy all for the outdoor activities this amazing city offers. One of the biggest is the beach. We get to go more often now that the weather is warmer and not as windy. It's quite a bit of a challenge because my husband and I don't like the sand. How funny! We thought Mason was gonna be the same because he really hated it at first and was crying every time we brought him. I think he definitely got over it. Now he can eat handfuls of it! I'm trying to get passed my hate of it so I can enjoy my time and play with him...

He loves the water so much. It's amazing, but it can also be dangerous, so I really have to watch him and stay very close. I wouldn't want a wave to catch him and take him out to sea...

Mason is also very friendly. It's difficult to keep him from going to go say 'Hi' to people that happen to be around us. It's funny to watch and it's nice to see that most people are pretty receptive to it and always nice to him.

It's not always easy to put sunscreen on a baby since he's contently on the move. But it's so important to protect him from the sun. I use the spray sunscreen from The Honest Company and I love it so much because it literally takes me one minute to spray my baby's full body. Ok his face might be a little white after it but at least I know he's well protected!!!

His favorite hobby as usual is to chase the pigeons on the beach. This kid has a weird obsession with animals! He's just obsessed with them...

My outfit
Bathingsuit: Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

Mason's outfit
Rashguard: Carter's
Diaper: The Honest Company
Sunscreen: The Honest Company