Sunday, August 16, 2015

DIY sensory table

Mason is outgrowing all of his toys so I was wondering what we could buy for him to keep him busy and stimulate him. Sensory tables are known to be good for todllers but all of the ones that are on the market are pretty ugly to me so I couldn't get myslef to buy one. I decided to try to create one myself after looking up online what to do. This one looks so much better to me and I'm also feeling so good knowing I was able to build it so easily for my baby! It's so rewarding to come up with something for the one you love. 

It was really easy and pretty cheap. Here's the list of what you need if you want to make one yourself!
- One or two Ikea Lack side tables : $7 each
- Trofast Ikea storage boxes : $2-5 each (I bought four with different sizes and depths)
- A Jigsaw. If you don't have one you can rent one for $15 at Home Depot

First you've got to built the side table. It's easier to cut it if it's already built!

Mason saw me doing it and he wanted to help me and do it himself. It was so cute!

Once built, place the storage box on top of it the way you would like them to be. I tried to arrange them as symetrical as possible. I measured every side to make sure they were centered and not too close to each other. If they're too close, the wood would be too thin and not support them once full!

Once they are placed perfectly trace the contour with a marker.

While doing it, hold the storage box well so they don't move. It's an important part if you want your lines to be straight!

Once done it should look like that. Know that you'll have to cut it about half an inches larger for the box to fit perfectly. You can either trace another line around or if you feel like doing it without it, like me, just do it!

Once ready take the Jigsaw and start from the center of you lines. You don't want to start directly on the line because when it goes through at first it's kind of rough and breaks the wood not that nicely!

Once you're through just move slowly to the side and start contouring.

Go around gently and be careful when you cut the round corners. You don't want to cut it square and leave gaps between the box and the table.

Once done the center piece fell on its own, so be careful with the jigsaw. It can be dangerous.

I did two for each table but you can do only one. Mine are with a small and big one for each table. So once you're done with the first one do the same with the second!

When you're done put the storage boxes inside to see if they fit. If it's too tight (it happened to me on one) just recut half an inch on one side only.

Once done you can add whatever you want in your boxes. I put water, sand and toys in mine! Mason is just starting to use it but so far he loved it and understood right away what to do with it! It literally took me 30 minutes to build and was really not pricy to make. We are all very happy with how it turned out and I'm sure we're gonna have a lot of good times with it! If you have any questions and need help feel free to ask and comment below :)


  1. Are your bins sticking up out of the table because of the bin corners, or are they completely set in?

    1. Hi Warda, they are sticking out just a little.

  2. Are your bins sticking up out of the table because of the bin corners, or are they completely set in?

  3. Hi, Melanie! This is a great idea! I'd like to make one for my two boys (4 and 2). Can the bins be removed, cleaned, and replaced?

    1. Hi, Yes they can be removable. Your boys are gonna love it and the fact that there is two tables is perfect so they can share or have each their own. I'd love to see the result once you do it! Please share it with me :)

  4. Hi, I loved the idea. Unfortunately the inner material of Lack tables is paper, so not really water resistant. The whole table starts to swell when it gets wet. Next time I would try the Utter table or similar.