First time on a boat

It's been a while since Mason had a first time for something. But this weekend when we took him boating for the very first time! We didn't even think about doing it until one of our friends proposed it to us. What a fun idea! I was really curious to see if Mason would be ok and not too scared doing it...

First fun part was to make him wear his life jacket. He was surprisingly just fine wearing it. Sometimes I wonder how come he totally refuses to wear a hat but is totally fine with a lifejacket which quite frankly doesn't seem to be that comfortable!

I don't know if it would work with every kid, but with Mason, one of the things that keeps him happy no matter what is food. We took off pretty early - way earlier than we are used to -  so we stopped by one of my favorite nearby restaurants that makes French pastries! Worked like a charm to keep his belly happy :)

We were speeding at some point and the boat was kind of jumping but Mason didn't care. He even seemed to really enjoy it and have fun.

I think his face speaks for itself... :)

How cute is his little hand on my lap?...

I was so happy to share those special moments. It was special for us since we don't get to do that all the time. I'm usually more comfortable on the ground. I've never been supper confident on the water but I'm trying to push myself so Mason can get comfortable and enjoy water sports. We live in LA so we have to get past any fear we can have...

While Daddy was swimming with the sharks Mason got a little restless. I've tried to keep him away from cartoons but on the boat I didn't have many options to distract him. It lasted maybe 5 minutes until he got over it!

The view was so beautiful... I'm impatient to go again!