Saturday, August 15, 2015

Road trip - Mammoth Lakes

For the second part of our little vacay we traveled around near where we stayed in Mammoth Lakes. It was a much easier day than at Yosemite, and not as long. Since Mason didn't sleep well, we needed something easy to do but still beautiful to see. The beauty part was definitely there!

The water was very cold and impossible to go in it! But we enjoyed putting our feet in it and playing with the rocks. The water was so clear and beautiful and we were kind of alone there so it would have been perfect for a little splash!

On our way we found a teepee someone made and oh gosh I wish I could have brought it back home with me! It was huge and Mason loved playing in it.

That was the win-win of the day! Mason is FINALLY holding my hands while walking. So far he was refusing it completely and now he even asks for it. I couldn't be happier!

And the trick to get him to do it was to make him fly in the air with a countdown. Now we got him to love it so much, that he's always asking for it by holding our hands.

It's so fun to play that game but I'm really trying to be careful and safe when we do it because I have a bad memory about it. When I was young, my grandparents were doing it with my little sister and they dislocated her shoulder. That memory is carved into my mind and I cannot not think about it every time we do it! Hurting Mason would be devastating to me so I really want to avoid it...

I don't share many pics of all of us three together but I think I should do it more... Loved that one! This was such a beautiful place to take family pictures :)

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