Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Road trip - Rainbow falls

Last stop of our family trip. We went to see the rainbaw falls in Mammoth Lakes.

It was so beautiful but in the mean time it was also very sad because I think it's a part of the Mountain that burn not that long ago. We had dead trees all around us either burned and still up or totally down. It kind of looked like if we where in the elephant graveyard from the Lion King. My friends were laughing at me when I said that but I really felt like that!

Mason was trying to blow a kiss to the camera at that time!

We could even fit in some dead tree!

Even though the water part isn't suppose to be as nice in the summer it was still really beautiful and calm. It's funny how living in the City makes you forget how quiet some place can be...

I always have to take weird poses when Mason is tucked in my back! :p

Mason couldn't look in the right direction. A dog was passing by and it was way more interesting to him!

To go down to get closer to the waterfalls was quite of a hike with Mason in my back but it was worth the view. I had to let him run a little bit around and switch to Daddy to go back up! It was a little bit dangerous to do it with a toddler.

He loved playing with the rocks. He actually was able to lift some big one I was really surprised. He even broke a few...

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