Road trip - Yosemite

It took me a while to go through all of our pictures and edit them. It's not easy to do things on my own with a cranky teething toddler! Our trip was beautiful and very different than what we usually see. We were very happy we did it but it wasn't that easy. Mason totally refused to sleep the first night, so after driving almost 6 hours we were able to get at most 3 hours of sleep! That's not what I call vacation :p

Luckily the amazingness of the day made us forget how tired we were...

We had to drive a good 3 hours to get there from Mammoth Lakes, so Mason got to sleep a little. He's usually good in the car but not used to spending that many hours in it. I had to distract him - mostly with food - to make him happy and patient. Now that he walks he's always super active, but unfortunately we can't always let him run on his own.

I carried him most of the time we were there and he was ok with it. I tried to stimulate him as much as I could by showing him everything that was around.

I loved having him on my back and our Beco baby carrier was just too good for that. Even though Mason is pretty heavy it makes carrying him around so easy and pain free for my back!

I could even do silly things with him tucked on my back :)

Before we left that morning he fell on a coffee table and hurt himself under his eye pretty bad. I guess there's a first time for everything and I'll probably have to get used to it with him... I just hate when he hurts himself :(

Mason loves animals and we got to see quite a few. I love how he listens and really looks now when I try to show him something... You can't see in the pic, but that squirrel was pretty high in the tree and not that close and he was still able to find it!

That was probably the highlight of the day. We saw so many deer. I could have hugged it if I wanted to but didn't do it. They are probably used to humans since it's a very famous hiking trail but no one else tried to go that close (not that I saw). I loved it so much! That's the countryside girl in me :) They were so beautiful that I wanted to stay with them...

At some point I had to let Mason run free and discover his surroundings. He loved touching the trees.

He also saw his dad climbing a little and tried to do it too. I think we might have to enroll him in some classes in the future. He seems to be pretty into it!

Mason's such a daddy's boy! Those two drive me crazy sometimes but when I look at how he looks at his dad it totally melts my heart.

I love their silliness too...

But what I love the most is the love they have for each other. Sometimes I'm even jealous. I always thought boys were more into their moms... I guess it isn't true :)