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Friday, September 25, 2015

At the beach with my men

We don't go to the beach very often - and especially all of us together. I usually go on my own with Mason, so last weekend we decided to go altogether for once. It's easy because we live in Los Angeles, but it's not always our first choice since we both "hate" the sand! How funny you probably think! With a toddler we have no choice than to get past the discomfort and enjoy our time with him...

The good side is that we always do a lot of things when we go there because Mason is curious of everything and never stays still!

He's getting so much into the waves but he's so scared of them at the same time...

He thinks they are so funny...

Some kids run fearless into the water while I have to teach Mason he can go in it a little bit at a time and that I'm there with him...

He loves to run after the water and as soon as the waves come back, he runs away because he really doesn't want to get hit by one.

Following baby footprints in the sand...

We don't have a lot of pictures of both of us anymore so I love this one. But I'm also in love with that bikini! I mean seriously -  now that I discovered neoprene bikinis I don't think I'll ever be able to wear regular ones again...

Mason is starting to play a little with sand toys now. He still doesn't know exactly how to use them, but he's getting there.

We have to show him how to build a sand castle, but even I kinda suck at it ;)

The best part is to destroy it after!!!

I think he nailed that part! Building it takes too long for him, but destroying my masterpiece is SO much fun...

Hid dad is everything to him... he's so comfortable everywhere as long as his dad is with him! Sometimes I wish I was working so Mason would miss me while I'm gone and feel like that for me too...

My outfit
Bikini: Triangl
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry
Necklace: Tiffany & Co

Mason's outfit
Rashguard: Gap
Diaper: The Honest Company

Anthony's outfit
Swimsuit: John Varvatos

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LA Zoo

If there is one thing nice about the hot weather in LA is that when it's really hot, people don't go out that much! So our day at the Zoo was pretty amazing since we were almost all alone... It's the second time we took Mason there. He's so much into animals, and he's starting to love going there...

The first time we went, we didn't realize they had a small petting zoo. Mason went totally crazy with the goats. It's the first time he saw any and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really know who they are. But he freakin' loved them!

I don't even know how the idea came through his mind, but he found that brush and started brushing this goat. We didn't show him anything - he just figured it out on his own... it was pretty hysterical!

There were so many of them around him he didn't know where to go. He was to excited and was going crazy trying to communicate with them.

The most important is that he was really gentle with them. It made me very happy that all my 'be gentle' requests every time we passed by a dog or a cat are actually paying off... it proves that he actually listens!

Of course the highlight of the day was when a golf-cart stopped right next to us. Mason had to jump on it right away! He loves animals, but I think he loves wheeled things even more...

Watching the chimpanzee with Daddy!

I actually stopped and watched them for probably half an hour while Mason and his dad were running around! Chimpanzees are just so interesting to watch. There were 11 adults and 3 babies. As a mother, to see how they are interacting and doing stuff like we do with their babies is so impressive...

The lions were nice enough to show us how to make babies... ;)

Mason apparently didn't quite get it!

Probably because he was too tired and wanted to take a nap like the koala. We didn't stay very long because it was really really hot outside but we had fun seeing and petting some animals. LA Zoo, we will come back :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tiny cottons giveaway

Thank you all again for participating. It really makes me happy to give away some baby clothes that I really really love! I finally found a place who had Mason's size for the pants so I was finally able to get it a few days ago...

I tried again to make Mason chose the winner but it's not that easy to make him understand to pick only one paper... I guess he'd like everyone to win :)

So I had to show him how to do it! Please don't mind my ugly face on the pics I was into it and trying to teach Mason at the same time... I think you cannot look good and concentrate at the same time ;)

< Mason found it really funny that I closed my eyes >

Then I picked one and he quickly grabbed it from my hand...

Then we opened it... and the winner is...



Thanks again so much to everyone else for entering. I'm gonna have another giveaway very soon so please stay tunned :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Las Vegas family trip

We didn't stay very long but our trip to Las Vegas was intense and pretty fun! With a toddler all Vegas attractions aren't accessible but we definitely enjoyed our stay with what we did. It was Mason first time in Vegas but also my little sister's one too... She always dreamed of going there so we thought it would be nice to bring her so she could see it.

It was beautiful but oh so hot so we tried to stay inside as much as we could!

We started by visiting the Venetian which is probably in my top 3 favorite there...

I've been to Venice many years ago and remember it like it was yesterday. It's not the same feeling but there is still something a little magical about it! I love the real Venice but I also really like the Vegas one :)

We watched the gondola passing by with the gondolier singing opera on it! It was my romantic moment with my baby, I wish I could have freeze the time a little bit...

We walked a lot so I was really happy we had our favorite stroller with us!

Mason had to come out of it once in a while to run around.

On our way to the Caesars Palace... where we ate lunch and had a nice ice cream.

Then we went to the Bellagio and the water show started just as we arrived! Perfect especially with Mason and in that heat we were not gonna be able to wait long. I've seen it before but only at night so it was really nice to see it in day time - Mason loved it! It was pretty impressive...

Passing by Paris! If I ever miss the Eiffel Tower I know I can go see it without having to fly for 12 hours...pretty cool ;)

Little story behind that one. My sister is crazy banana about the Minions so it pretty much made her day! She's still speaking about it... on an other note I'm not sure what Mason really thought about it? his face...lol!

After walking the entire day through most of the Casino/hotel we went out for diner in the Venetian. Mason stayed up late and was in such great mood.

Couldn't do much in the Casino since you're not even allowed to approach a machine when you are with someone who's under 21! I was still able to snap a pic real quick before someone ask us to keep going...

So then we left and decided to go see the light outside. Which was pretty beautiful!

After our long day we went back to our hotel and we had a pretty smooth night with Mason sleeping up to 10 am the following morning! I wish he would do that at home...

Before hitting the road we went to visit the Wynn and I think I can tell that's definitely ma favorite of all... The decoration were just so beautiful and it gets so much light in it compare to the other one. They had flowers decoration that was apparently made out of silk... I'd have love to take a few pieces back home with me...

Especially that Carroussel... I wanted to ride it so bad!!!

The atmosphere was really different than in any of the other places. It was magical too but more real. Vegas is fun but it's so surreal that I get tired of it very fast! But I think I could live in the Wynn.

We played a little under the trees with  Mason - trying to get a kiss from him - usually he's nice enough to give me one!

At one point he just started to own the place and run like crazy. He probably loved it as much as I did and went crazy in it! Such huge hallway he could run freely without having me trying to stop him because I'm scared he'll get hurt by a car. It was super safe there so I let him run around as much as he wanted and he was loving it.

I even made him do a few tumbles which is one of his favorite thing to do lately.

I tickled and hugged him a lot too ;)

It was short but so much fun. I've been there only once before when I started dating my now husband so it was really nice to get all our memories back! Going back there with our son now was pretty special! Till next time Vegas...