LA Zoo

If there is one thing nice about the hot weather in LA is that when it's really hot, people don't go out that much! So our day at the Zoo was pretty amazing since we were almost all alone... It's the second time we took Mason there. He's so much into animals, and he's starting to love going there...

The first time we went, we didn't realize they had a small petting zoo. Mason went totally crazy with the goats. It's the first time he saw any and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really know who they are. But he freakin' loved them!

I don't even know how the idea came through his mind, but he found that brush and started brushing this goat. We didn't show him anything - he just figured it out on his own... it was pretty hysterical!

There were so many of them around him he didn't know where to go. He was to excited and was going crazy trying to communicate with them.

The most important is that he was really gentle with them. It made me very happy that all my 'be gentle' requests every time we passed by a dog or a cat are actually paying off... it proves that he actually listens!

Of course the highlight of the day was when a golf-cart stopped right next to us. Mason had to jump on it right away! He loves animals, but I think he loves wheeled things even more...

Watching the chimpanzee with Daddy!

I actually stopped and watched them for probably half an hour while Mason and his dad were running around! Chimpanzees are just so interesting to watch. There were 11 adults and 3 babies. As a mother, to see how they are interacting and doing stuff like we do with their babies is so impressive...

The lions were nice enough to show us how to make babies... ;)

Mason apparently didn't quite get it!

Probably because he was too tired and wanted to take a nap like the koala. We didn't stay very long because it was really really hot outside but we had fun seeing and petting some animals. LA Zoo, we will come back :)