Tiny cottons giveaway

Thank you all again for participating. It really makes me happy to give away some baby clothes that I really really love! I finally found a place who had Mason's size for the pants so I was finally able to get it a few days ago...

I tried again to make Mason chose the winner but it's not that easy to make him understand to pick only one paper... I guess he'd like everyone to win :)

So I had to show him how to do it! Please don't mind my ugly face on the pics I was into it and trying to teach Mason at the same time... I think you cannot look good and concentrate at the same time ;)

< Mason found it really funny that I closed my eyes >

Then I picked one and he quickly grabbed it from my hand...

Then we opened it... and the winner is...



Thanks again so much to everyone else for entering. I'm gonna have another giveaway very soon so please stay tunned :)