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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hollywood sign

It took us some time - over a year - but we finally went to see the Hollywood sign! I mean we saw it before but never went very close. After researching a little how to get there we found a few different options and decided to go on a hike. We wanted to do it for a few months but it was so hot we always postponed it to later. Yesterday we figured it was the best time to go for two reasons. First, it was pretty cold so when you have to carry a 40 lbs baby you won't die, and second, it was black Friday so most people were probably shopping!

And it turned out to be a great choice - we came across almost no one...

We took the Hollyridge trail that was supposedly easy and not too long. The beginning was pretty steep and for me. Carrying Mason, it wasn't the easiest but it got easier on the actual trail road.

 The view was spectacular and the light at sunset was beautiful.

Mason usually doesn't like to stay to long in the baby carrier so I had to distract him constantly. I didn't want to let him run free because he's so fearless he could have jumped off the cliff...
I think a helicopter base was close by because we saw quite a few. Every time we saw one Mason waved "hi" to it...

I love carrying Mason on my back. I don't do it often enough anymore but I think I'll try doing it more from now on. The feeling of him being close to me and showing him stuff, while he actually listened and was interested, is so good...

And sometimes I even got to have a hug which makes the whole thing like heaven!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Beach renewal...

Our wedding was probably one of the most beautiful day we ever lived until we had Mason. Then everything started turning around him and I realised how much I'd have love to have him with us that day... I kept my wedding dress and the other day my sister told me we should take some pics with it so we finally took the time to do a little family photoshoot kind of renewing our vows on our own on the beach!

The funniest is that people was congratulating us for getting married having no idea we were just doing that for fun...

Our wild little human was so cute with his outfit kind of matching his daddy's suit.

When we got married we already new we wanted to have a baby but weren't thinking it would happen that fast and never imagined I'd be able to love someone like that! I love my husband like I never loved anyone before but the love I have for My son is something I'd never be able to describe... I'm sure any mom can relate to that!

I'm so happy we took those pictures and have the memory forever with us...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

We've been wanting to take Mason to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles for a while now but never had the chance to do it. This weekend we finally took the time to go!

Mason is starting to really be into animals so we were really curious to see how he would react. I'm pretty sure he wander why none of these animals were moving. He kept wanting to feed them...

He loved the Elephant more than the rest. He made us crack up by imitating them or trying at least. He's been doing the Elephant at home since a few days and its pretty hysterical!
The museum is really nice, it was surprisingly very empty for a Sunday afternoon not that I'd complain having the museum just for ourselves. We were used to the Museum of Natural History in New York who's really really big and packed all the time! This one is rather small but still nice to stroll through...

We couldn't take many pictures inside as it is very dark. I feel that Mason isn't enjoying the darkness for too long so as soon as he saw a door leading to the natural garden he ran there! We then went through it and enjoy the little breeze we are so not use to in LA.

He kept looking back to make sure Daddy was following...

He wanted me to help him go done in the little pond they have and got pretty upset when I told him he couldn't or he would be all wet which I'm sure he wouldn't have mind... ah kids!

Then we just watched it for a little while.

Until it was time to have a snack again... This kid is constantly eating something!

I even got a few kisses! That's probably the best part of my day :) I'm sure any mom can relate...

After eating he always have to spend his energy. We let him run around and jump all over the place...

Chased by his Dad...

Until he fell and hurt himself a little. I always have to be the bad one and stop him otherwise he'll push himself to the point where it's too late!

As you can tell he wasn't happy about it!

I try to distract him by the huge whale skeleton that was hanging just in front of us... We shortly after went back home. We had a pretty nice weekend and I hope y'all did too!
My outfit
Jacket: Maje
T-shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Purse: Chanel

Mason's outfit
Sweatshirt: Zara boy
Pants: Tiny Cottons
Shoes: Zara baby boy