Choosing our Christmas tree

Even though it doesn't feel like it - it's Christmas time so we had to go buy our Christmas tree! I'll probably never get used to the fact that it's still kind of warm and we don't have snow but we will find a different way to embrace it...

We went to the same place than last year and I'm pretty sure Mason doesn't remember it!

He probably doesn't remember those rein deer either but last year he loved them too. He's really into trying to turn anything that has a cylindre shape so when he saw their round noses he tried to turn them again and again...

It took him a little bit of time to get comfortable around all of these Christmas trees. At first he refused to walk and wanted me to carry him around.

Then we touched them and I explained to him that we were gonna buy one to bring home with us. I love how he listens to me and how he mimics what I do.

Of course once he found a little bit of water he had to go play with it! Luckily this time he didn't get all dirty!

Once he got comfortable he ran around not even waiting for me. He was so happy! I just wish we had some snow to play in at the same time... I guess we'll have to go somewhere to see some snow soon!

We practiced his jumping skills a little bit too...

I let him go crazy and explore his surrounding. It's always fun to watch him do his own things and decide where he wants to go.

I chased him a little bit! People probably thought I was crazy but who cares. I was just having fun with my kid!

 And then we finally had to make up our mind and choose a tree. Mason didn't help much I have to say he just said yes when I showed him the one we wanted!

My outfit
Top: Club Monaco
Jean: Zara
Boots: Burberry

Mason's outfit
Jumper: Baby Gap
Scarf: Zara baby 
Shoes: Zara baby