Who doesn't like to receive surprises?

Rocksbox is definitely the best way to surprise yourself! If you are like me and like to change jewelry often to match all your outfit than Rocksbox might be made for you.

The concept is pretty simple and very smart. You just have to subscribe and you can even have your first month free with the code "myloveandbeyondxoxo". Go to Rocksbox and create your profile. Shortly after you'll receive your very first box with some beautiful goodies inside that you can wear once or ten times,  you can ship back for free and receive new ones in exchange or just buy them off for a discounted price if you love them so much!

In my first Rocksbox I received a ring, earings and a necklace. After setting up my profile and showing what my taste was like I was wondering what type of jewelry I'd receive and if it would be accurate and I was really surprise that it totally was. Totally on point! The stylist who took care of my order nailed it and sent me pieces I would have totally choose myself. I had to wear them right away!

This necklace was the perfect touch I needed to brighten up my outfit. I love black tops but they can become boring so with the perfect piece of jewelry it just makes it looks so much better!

I love rings but it's always very hard for me to find some that matches my wedding and engagement rings I wear every single day. The one who was in my Rocksbox couldn't have match it better! They nailed it :)

I love small earring. Especially when I wear necklaces I don't like when it's too much. So this thin metal earrings was the perfect match to finish my style!

I love to wear comfortable street style but I always want it to be pretty and not too sporty! Adding jewelry to it is the perfect way to make it look more classy.