Papa's got my back

This little cutie is gonna be two in a month and I can't believe it! Time's going by so fast...

He's so much fun and I love watching him become a little guy. He's for sure not a baby anymore! He's so friendly and so funny we love to do as many things as we can with him.

He loves to go shopping probably because I got him used to it from the get-go!   

And whenever he hears some music he has to dance! Here's some of his awesome moves...ahah :)

 ^ I'm not sure where he got that one from...^

Mason is such a Daddy's boy! His Dad is his world and he has a lot of difficulty being far from him so he enjoys as much as he can when he's around.  

This T-shirt was for sure made for him! His "papa" always have and always will get his back. I can't get enough of it! Go to Born Savage to get yours now. They have english version and even mama's one. And the plus of it is that they are super affordable!

I'm always amazed by the amount of comment we have when we walk outside. It's so rewarding to have random people come and tell you how cute your son is and the way you dress him up! I'll never get tired of that. 

I think Mason attracts it also because he's such a friendly kid! Even too much sometimes. He'll wave and say "Hi" to pretty much everyone around him. 

He even shares his food or his toys if he has some in his hands... Let's hope that last because I don't like when he doesn't want to share stuff or when he gets possessif. 

This two for sure share an incredible bond and it's pretty amazing to watch. My husband does drives me crazy sometimes but I love how playful and loving he's with Mason.