Mason's 2nd Birthday

Mason just turned 2!!! And I'm still in shock... Where did these two years go? It feels to me like I gave birth to him and met him yesterday! I can't believe the tiny baby who was growing inside of me is now already two years old! I'm pretty sure I'll feel like that at every single one of his birthdays, but gosh, I wish I could slow down time.

I felt like his first year was a big deal but this year I barely prepared anything! I totally thought that nothing was needed to be done until the day before when I thought we should actually do something. So I went to buy balloons and a few things to make him a cake. Of course we had bought a few gifts but nothing crazy since we literally buy stuff for him all the time.

I always dreamed of being able to make an amazing cake but I'm unfortunately not talented enough so I tried to keep it simple. I made him my favorite cake that my mom used to make me as a kid. I had the special biscuit from France to make it and Mason absolutely loved it. I just covered it with buttercream to make it look better. It wasn't really successful but it tasted great!

I think the highlight of his birthday was him blowing out the candles! I took videos and hundreds of photos of it and I just can't resist them... He was too cute and so much into it! He even tried to burn our house down by lighting up a paper straw from one of the candles! Good thing we were around...

< I mean look at his face ;) >

Mason is obsessed with cars and has so many of them, so we tried to find him something he would like.

So we found him a special airplane. It was funny because he kind of has an obsession with needing twice the items he likes. Works also with food and other things. He needs one in each hand!

The problem was that they had only one of those airplanes for sale so we couldn't even buy two of them. As soon as he was done opening it he asked for the second one! We all cracked up because we knew it would happen but couldn't do anything about it! He got over it pretty quickly since other gifts were waiting to be opened...

Tearing the wrapping paper was so much fun!

He's slowly starting to get into stickers so we got him some reusable sticker books with his favorite cars and animals! It was a very good idea. He loved them and stayed still for quite some time playing with them. Which is nice since Mason is a very active little boy!

I really didn't make a big deal about his birthday this year. I felt that having friends over was more for us than for him since he doesn't have any friends of his own yet. So until he actually is able to say who he would like to invite I think we will keep the celebration between just us. It was way easier and Mason got to enjoy it way more...