Mason's Wishbone bike

Mason's main gift for his birthday was a bike! It took me quite some time to decide which one to get for him. I went through a lot of websites, read a bunch of reviews, and found so many options. It came down to two options and I let my husband choose which one to get. He chose by the look of it and said he wanted the Wishbone one! I always like to ask my husband's opinion because I need him to be slightly involved even though I love to do the research.

I really wanted a bike for Mason but wasn't sure he was gonna be into it. I tried a few weeks ago at a friend's home and he had no interest in it so I was scared it was too early for him.

But I was pretty wrong! It took him 5 min to get into it, and once he realized what he could do he loved it. We probably spent a good hour riding without a break, which is like a miracle since his attention span is usually 5 to 10 min if we're lucky!

The Wishbone bike is evolutive which was something I was looking for so it would last a little while! And it's 100% recycled plastic which I found very attractive. And of course, if you know me you know that it has to look good also! So this one was pretty much made for us!

 If you are looking for a bike I definitely recommend it. It's easy to maneuver, pretty light and it looks so good! Lots of fun for parents and kiddos... If you want more info, click on the bike below!

I had to help Mason get around for a little bit but once he was comfortable on it he really wanted to go on his own!

Even though it wasn't always very easy! And that kid as some temper :)

 He loved riding on the sidewalk and kept going up and down like he was looking for a challenge...

My outfit
Top: H&M
Boots: Zara

Mason's outfit
Top: Homemade

Pants: H&M
Shoes H&M

Bike: Wishbone