Matching beach outfits

Everyone knows I love to match with Mason. No matter where we go or what we do, whether it's obvious or subtle, Mason and I are always coordinated. This time it was definitely obvious and I absolutely LOVED it!!! This combo is just one of my absolutely favorites and I can't even tell you how comfortable and soft these clothes are.

We love to go to the beach and even though it's very warm sometimes it's very windy there so keeping a layer on top of our bathing suits isn't a luxury.  Our Leedit clothes are the perfect outfits for these kinds of days!

Letting Mason enjoy himself while being well protected from the sun and not getting cold is always my primary concern. And I think our pictures show pretty well how much fun we had!

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I love wearing dresses but sometimes it can be hard with kids. This one is SO comfortable I could wear it everyday!

I have to be honest, I hate the sand! I mean I used to love it as a kid then I grew up and started to be annoyed by it. It's sticky and uncomfortable. But what wouldn't you do for your little one. Especially moving to LA we couldn't avoid it. And I have to say, the more we go to the beach, the more I don't mind anymore! Seeing how Mason loves it makes me love it all over again...

He loves digging in it - covering things up and then digging it out again! And we could do that again and again without getting tired of it!

Mason loves chasing the waves but when they come right back at him then he runs away from them as fast as he can. I think he's very attracted to it but very scared at the same time. Which is very fun to watch!

He for sure prefers to be in my arms so I'm the one getting wet...